Sunday, December 03, 2006

3 Deaf surfers at Marine Corps base (ASL VLOG)

3 Deaf Dudes Surf on Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton - Church's park

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

July 16th at San Onofre - Old Man's Beach

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Posted blog on July 1st


To find Old Man's and Trails, exit 5 FWY at Basilone Road and head south. The entrance to the San Onofre State Surfing Beach (Old Man's) is a turnout on the right before reaching the Power Plant. Continue south past the Power Plant to reach the San Onofre State Beach campground entrance (Trails). The rangers at either of these gates can direct you to a parking area and provide information about availability, regulations, fees and current conditions.

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See the red marked on this map?

Jon's favoite links in weather and surf forecast and reports:

Low Tide at 7:55 AM and High Tide at 2:37 PM - Surf Forecast: Standout southerly breaks in North County should continue to see decent surf through the day, especially at breaks that tend to amplify southern hemi energy. Wave size in between 2 to 4 feets and shape wave is fair. Water Temperature.......68 TO 74 Degrees

Click for video and produced by Russ Christoff for California State Parks.

Virtual Old Mans in 2002

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Deaf Surfed at Midnight, Tourmaline in San Diego, CA

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I would like to share about my extreme experience in surfing at midnight. I was very excited while getting ready to go to Tourmaline. I smelled the bonfire while I was driving towards to the beach. It made me to look forward to arrive at the beach. It was so amazing to see a full moon and it reflected the light on the water.

I was a little bit nervous about my new experience until I drank the energy drink that made me feel boosted up. I was rushed by changing clothes and paddle out. I was pleased that I could see the reflection on the water from a full moon. I was awkward by riding on the first waves then I had to study the waves since it's the opposite of light in daytime. I caught the waves several times to understand the concept of catching waves. My vision through the images of the waves in reversed glows.

I have been surfing for more than one hour. I got myself in my truck then drove through the town. I felt weird to see all the stores and bars being closed. I'm not used to the street being quiet that they tend to have people and cars.

Finally, I got home and hit the sack . It's 2 AM! So, good night... oops! I mean good morning!

Monday, July 10, 2006

July 9th, 2006

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Hello again,
I assured that you guys already have read my July 4th blog. Marla Hatrak did ask me if I do know anyone, who is willing to teach surf lessons in ASL. I offered her that I'm willing to give surf lessons based on my experiences. I got a confirmation from her yesterday so I can get the 4 rental surfboards for them.

Video view: Of course, I must have Starbucks to boost my energy since I will have a long morning. I have been up since 5:30 AM!

"2 Hours later..."

Video view: Tory said," I caught 3 to 4 waves and I had fun!"
Tory, Clayton, Brandon, and Hetty. (Earlier that morning - Doug and Matthew had a good surfing)

Also, we have 20+ beachgoers that joined with us and they enjoyed chatting with friends including the kids.

Video View: Tina Jo said," It has been a long time since I have seen my friends and La Jolla Shores beach. It was good seeing people here. That was so nice!"

Everyone chatted in American Sign Languages with many different topics.

I was enjoying being with friends by surfing, chatting, and soaking in the sun! Some of us already are excited to make plans going to San Onofre on July 16th.

Hopefully, See you there!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

A Long day at La Jolla Shores on July 4th!

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  • Hello,

    My family and I were so excited to have fun at La Jolla Shores beach for July 4th! The night before, we were packing our food and beach stuff. We wanted to be ready to arrive at the beach early as possible to reserve the bonfire ring. Unfortunately, at 5:30 AM we were too late to reserve the bonfire ring because the beach was open at 4 AM!! The grass field next to the beach was already packed and was filled up with umbrellas, tents, canopies, and people!

    We got lucky that we got to the front row of the parking lot. We made an announcement to have everyone to meet at a specific location, but it was filled up quickly. John, Reed, and I surfed after we made a living room under the canopy. Reed and I surfed for over 2 hours on the water, which it was glassy with small & good shaped waves.

    Our daughter, Renny was so excited being in the water and hopped over the waves (see in pictures). She was very lucky that she has friends to play with. Our friends were happy to loan their boogie board to Renny and she got addicted to it! She knew that she had to share it with her friends but she kept saying one more, one more, and one more!

    We were very pleased to see our 20 - 25 friends and they joined and chatted with us. We felt honored by our friends who they wanted to hold our son, Lenny while we could watch or play with Renny in the water. We borrowed our friend, Joe Keller's kayak and we felt very spoiled going on kayaking alone. We explored the swells on the way to La Jolla Cove and looked at the caves down below where people went snorkeling. Later in that afternoon, Reed and I surfed again for another 2 hours and we got out of the water before sunset!

    We thought we wouldn’t be able to have a bonfire since we couldn't reserve the bonfire ring. Chris and Kary brought their fire pit so we could have a bonfire!! YAYYYY!! Some of our friends have left before the fireworks and some of us stayed and watched the beautiful fireworks in 3 different places. We had s’mores and sat in our living room. We left La Jolla shores at 10 PM and the traffic was terrible, it was bumper to bumper for 30 minutes! If there was no heavy traffic then we could have got home within 5 minutes!


    The Savage

    Monday, July 03, 2006

    Sunday, July 02, 2006

    Surf at midnight - July 10th

    Hello again,

    My friend spread out the word about getting together for surfing at midnight on July 10th because there will be a full moon! Some of my friends already are interested to join but I'm not sure which location we will be at.

    Here are my suggestions where we can go to surf at Tourmaline Surf Park (North Pacific Beach Area), La Jolla Shores, or Cardiff Reef. All three locations are in San Diego.

    If you are interested to join us then let me know which you would like to go? Please do vote by July 8th then I can make an announcement on the next day.


    Saturday, July 01, 2006

    San Onofre State Beach - Old Man's

    Hello again,

    My friends and I went to San Onofre State Beach "SanO" and we tended to surf often at a specific area called "Old Man's". You would appreciate if you go there and get some surfing culture experience with friendly people. SanO is one of the landmarks for surf history.

    During the summertime, the waves tend to be small as perfect for learning how to surf. If you already have surfing experience then you would have fun there with your longboard.

    If you are interested to join us then please do contact me!

    ** Additional information **

    We are considering to go to Old Man's on July 16th and 30th (Both days are on Sunday). Also, we probably would be there before sunrise because the parking a lot will fill up quickly.



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  • Tuesday, June 27, 2006

    July 4th, 2006 at La Jolla Shores

    Let’s celebrate Independence Day at La Jolla Shores by surfing, swimming, soaking in the sun and parting together!!!! The Savage family plans to be there all day and evening. We could see the fireworks at La Jolla Cove from the beach so we can stay for a bonfire if anyone is up for it. We will reserve few spots for all of us next to the bonfire at tower 32 if needed. We will bring wood pallets. Bring your own stuff & food. See you all there.

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  • Monday, June 26, 2006

    6/26/06 Sunset Cliff

    Marina went to the secret spot in Sunset Cliff s area last week with her friend. She got stoked from surfing there. She decided to introduce the secret spot to SDDS and go surfing with her.


    Marina, Reed, and I met at the parking a lot between 6 to 6:30 PM. She warned us that there would be a long walk to the secret spot. I enjoyed by walk ing though bushes and some mini-canyons like in the movie "Indian Jones" like an adventure trip. Also, we walked through the baseball field. Then, we had to be careful by walking down the hill by the cliff since it was very deep. The water was splashing on the cliff s where we had to paddle out quickly before the big swell comes and hits.

    There were three other surfers were out in the water besides us ready to catch some waves. I learned the waves have different characters than any other beach in my experience. The perky waves were processed quickly as we probably could do the pearl dive to the bottom of the ocean floor. It turned out it was a successful after we paddle to catch. We enjoyed our sessions right before the sunset.

    We walked back to the same route and the water sprinklers were on at the baseball field. We were pleased to rinse our boards while the water spray moved to different direct ions, which we had to chase them until our boards get clean completely. (Ha.. ha..) Finally, we left parking a lot at 8:30 PM.

    It was a great experience for me including my friends, Marina and Reed!

    Stay Stoked,


    Sunday, June 25, 2006

    6/24/06 at Tourmaline

    Hello SDDS,

    Reed and I were paddling out and it wasn’t really crowded on the water on Saturday. It was nice for us because we had more room to catch waves as much we can. The waves were little bit weak by shaped but there were surf-able by longboard. Later in the morning, the wind got speed up and the water sprayed on our faces while paddling as we tried to catch waves which were really difficult. So, we gave up but caught the last wave and rode all way to the land by lucky!

    Reed and I were considering having a couple trips and surf at San Onofre with families.

    Please do let us know if you are interested to join!

    Stay Stoked,


    Ultimate Sessions


    One of our friends invited Holly and I go to the theatre and watched a movie called, “Ultimate Sessions” in La Jolla. It was an interesting movie. I didn’t realize surfers don’t wear any leash plus single fin on their “retro” surfboard that rides through barrel. I was impressed with those surfers because I don’t see any of those like that today.

    I almost forgot about what’s so cool in 1970’s:

    • Logo: BOLT on surfboards
    • Shorts are too short!
    • Thick Mustache
    • Long hair
    • Fading Hippie ERA
    • Yellow tank top with zipper on the front “wetsuit”

    If you don’t remember those days then you were probably too young or grew up in somewhere far away from the ocean.

    My Dad was surfing a lot after graduated from high school in 1969 and he continued to surf until mid-1970. I had a big inference by my dad about surfing. He fixed and painted cool art on “retro” surfboard and gave it to me for x-mas or birthday in mid-1980. Every time, I see it hanging on the wall outside of poolside, it makes me proud of my dad.

    Stay stoked,


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