Saturday, July 01, 2006

San Onofre State Beach - Old Man's

Hello again,

My friends and I went to San Onofre State Beach "SanO" and we tended to surf often at a specific area called "Old Man's". You would appreciate if you go there and get some surfing culture experience with friendly people. SanO is one of the landmarks for surf history.

During the summertime, the waves tend to be small as perfect for learning how to surf. If you already have surfing experience then you would have fun there with your longboard.

If you are interested to join us then please do contact me!

** Additional information **

We are considering to go to Old Man's on July 16th and 30th (Both days are on Sunday). Also, we probably would be there before sunrise because the parking a lot will fill up quickly.



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    Anonymous said...

    Count me in for both possible dates! Let us do two sessions!

    Anonymous said...

    Really too bad that I had to change my plan at the last minute. Really no choice. so want to tell us how it went?