Wednesday, August 02, 2006

4 Deaf Dudes were at SanO on July 30th (ASL Vlog)

Go to Video Google (ASL Vlog)


Anonymous said...

Hey are getting better with this! I really enjoy this video! Looking forward to see next one and many more! Also looking forward to our next trip to San O. !
J. Crouch

Tom H said...

Hey Jon, funny video! I should join with you guys I was overslept. Ohh well. Good job bro \m/
Tom H.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jon, wow did you went beach many times? You love it? Well yeah I love there too and I went to San Diego, CA and went beach too! It was 4.5 yrs ago. I did saw many video of u and I know you like it. Good lucky and keep good video!

Joshua S.

PS, I am guy who I meet you in Indy this afternoon in ASL EXPO that guy ask you "Hey....Um r u from californi? Jon? OH! That you and I did see video of you in beach. That who I am. My friend say you was so cool in video too!