Sunday, July 29, 2007

ASL Story: La Jolla Shores 7/28/07



I would like to share with you about yesterday by how much great to see 20 of us showed up at La Jolla Shores and 7 of them were eager to learn surfing with American Sign Language. Also, 8 KODA (Kid of Deaf Adult) Had good times by play hard and of course they worn out after got home.

We had great time at the beach and look forward to come again. I will make announce for having one next time. Also, I would like to discuss about Alexander Graham Bell Association and Deaf Bilingual Coalition but those subject are post on

Let you take view of La Jolla Shores.

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Surfer: Jon Savage
Photographer: Davy


Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Learn how to surf with ASL



I would like to share with you about two different kinds of surfboards. This is a blue board is for learning to surf because it makes out of softly foam. It will have less risk for the beginners and less injuries. Now, you see the other white surfboard for who have good surfing skills and who can handle bigger risks.

I would be happy to give you a surf lesson by using American Sign Language. I will be at La Jolla Shores this Sat, July 28th, 2007. Any of you who are interested to learn how to surf, you go rent a surfboard then you can meet me there.

You can click this links for a direction: La Jolla Shores.

I hope you have a good week and hope to see you this Sat!

See you at the water or sand!

I forgot to add one more thing in this vlog! I will be there 6ish AM and stay there all morning and maybe stay until afternoon.

P.S. I will surf to support to group, who believes in a deaf baby must to learns American Sign Language at Alexander Graham Bell Association convention in Arlington, VA this weekend!

Friday, July 13, 2007

July 14 or 15, San Onofre

Hello Surfer and beach fellow,

I decided not to going to San Onofre this weekend! I'm been sick for all week and I'm still not have recovering yet. So, it's wise for me taking more of rest through this weekend.

If you are planned to go there then have good time. If you are plan to do video or pictures then I would love to see them.

See you at the water or sand next time!