Sunday, December 03, 2006

3 Deaf surfers at Marine Corps base (ASL VLOG)

3 Deaf Dudes Surf on Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton - Church's park


Anonymous said...

I love that beach ...always been there during my time when I get home from the East Coast, the first beach I must visit its San O !

-- Burke

Anonymous said...

great vblog.. and great to see you, john and jon, surfing! someday, i would like to go to the beach and watch you surfing! i used to be a body surfer at mission beach (south) with my dad and now, i think i am too old! (yeah, i know never too old, but i can try someday!)


gnarlydorkette said...

You need to add a dudette to your surfing videos!!!

Jon Savage said...


So far, I know 3 surfer women in San Diego. I don't see them on water very often.

What about you?

Anonymous said...

jon, i am an itp student in kansas city. one of my assignments for the semester is to follow someone (deaf)...their blog/, i found you and you're the guy. you are interesting and i know nothing about surfing, really. look forward to a semester of your blog and surfing information, meeting your friends, and learning more asl...i like all your classifiers. gina