Monday, June 26, 2006

6/26/06 Sunset Cliff

Marina went to the secret spot in Sunset Cliff s area last week with her friend. She got stoked from surfing there. She decided to introduce the secret spot to SDDS and go surfing with her.


Marina, Reed, and I met at the parking a lot between 6 to 6:30 PM. She warned us that there would be a long walk to the secret spot. I enjoyed by walk ing though bushes and some mini-canyons like in the movie "Indian Jones" like an adventure trip. Also, we walked through the baseball field. Then, we had to be careful by walking down the hill by the cliff since it was very deep. The water was splashing on the cliff s where we had to paddle out quickly before the big swell comes and hits.

There were three other surfers were out in the water besides us ready to catch some waves. I learned the waves have different characters than any other beach in my experience. The perky waves were processed quickly as we probably could do the pearl dive to the bottom of the ocean floor. It turned out it was a successful after we paddle to catch. We enjoyed our sessions right before the sunset.

We walked back to the same route and the water sprinklers were on at the baseball field. We were pleased to rinse our boards while the water spray moved to different direct ions, which we had to chase them until our boards get clean completely. (Ha.. ha..) Finally, we left parking a lot at 8:30 PM.

It was a great experience for me including my friends, Marina and Reed!

Stay Stoked,



Reed said...

Nice blog site Jon! I look forward to the growth of this site and many more future surf trips. Keep cool and see you in the water!

Anonymous said...

When will be the next trip to Sunset Cliffs? I am dying to try this spot!

Anonymous said...

Hearing friends of mine are going to meet there on every Mondays when the swell is good. I'd love to have you join us! Just send me an email to see if any of us are going! =D