Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Deaf Surfed at Midnight, Tourmaline in San Diego, CA

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I would like to share about my extreme experience in surfing at midnight. I was very excited while getting ready to go to Tourmaline. I smelled the bonfire while I was driving towards to the beach. It made me to look forward to arrive at the beach. It was so amazing to see a full moon and it reflected the light on the water.

I was a little bit nervous about my new experience until I drank the energy drink that made me feel boosted up. I was rushed by changing clothes and paddle out. I was pleased that I could see the reflection on the water from a full moon. I was awkward by riding on the first waves then I had to study the waves since it's the opposite of light in daytime. I caught the waves several times to understand the concept of catching waves. My vision through the images of the waves in reversed glows.

I have been surfing for more than one hour. I got myself in my truck then drove through the town. I felt weird to see all the stores and bars being closed. I'm not used to the street being quiet that they tend to have people and cars.

Finally, I got home and hit the sack . It's 2 AM! So, good night... oops! I mean good morning!


Anonymous said...

My wife and I really enjoyed your narrative about your experience along with your wonderful sense of humor! I was soooo disappointed about my decision not to join you at the last minute! sigh! Hope we all can get together on the next full moon!
Thanks for sharing this with us!
Beth Ann and JC :-)

Jon Savage said...


Thank you, Beth Ann & JC!

Anonymous said...

I second Beth Ann and JC.

I have never thought that surfing at night would give an 'inverse' experience.

Visualizing the branding at full moon kept failing on me. I guess I wll have to go out and see for myself what you mean.

By the way, a novice windsurfer like me should stay ashore during the night time ;-) A long way to go for me to marticulate into windsurfing...

Hope you will have more people to share the experience with you next time.