Sunday, June 25, 2006

Ultimate Sessions


One of our friends invited Holly and I go to the theatre and watched a movie called, “Ultimate Sessions” in La Jolla. It was an interesting movie. I didn’t realize surfers don’t wear any leash plus single fin on their “retro” surfboard that rides through barrel. I was impressed with those surfers because I don’t see any of those like that today.

I almost forgot about what’s so cool in 1970’s:

  • Logo: BOLT on surfboards
  • Shorts are too short!
  • Thick Mustache
  • Long hair
  • Fading Hippie ERA
  • Yellow tank top with zipper on the front “wetsuit”

If you don’t remember those days then you were probably too young or grew up in somewhere far away from the ocean.

My Dad was surfing a lot after graduated from high school in 1969 and he continued to surf until mid-1970. I had a big inference by my dad about surfing. He fixed and painted cool art on “retro” surfboard and gave it to me for x-mas or birthday in mid-1980. Every time, I see it hanging on the wall outside of poolside, it makes me proud of my dad.

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Matt Ellis said...

It was a great movie. A time machine.
Too bad the movie was short! :(