Wednesday, July 12, 2006

July 16th at San Onofre - Old Man's Beach

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To find Old Man's and Trails, exit 5 FWY at Basilone Road and head south. The entrance to the San Onofre State Surfing Beach (Old Man's) is a turnout on the right before reaching the Power Plant. Continue south past the Power Plant to reach the San Onofre State Beach campground entrance (Trails). The rangers at either of these gates can direct you to a parking area and provide information about availability, regulations, fees and current conditions.

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See the red marked on this map?

Jon's favoite links in weather and surf forecast and reports:

Low Tide at 7:55 AM and High Tide at 2:37 PM - Surf Forecast: Standout southerly breaks in North County should continue to see decent surf through the day, especially at breaks that tend to amplify southern hemi energy. Wave size in between 2 to 4 feets and shape wave is fair. Water Temperature.......68 TO 74 Degrees

Click for video and produced by Russ Christoff for California State Parks.

Virtual Old Mans in 2002


Anonymous said...

haha good sample of toyota for everyone to find you! nice weather news! i wish i live in ca and spend with yall. i live in fla and do surfer but here waves sux! only hurrican will do! ha! i ll keep ck with u on ur new videos.. keep going!


gnarlydorkette said...


Are y'all open to new members or friends-only?

I have been expressed my interest to join SD's Deaf Surf CLub but all I got was cold shoulders. What's up with that? Maybe I just met the bad apples of the club by accident??
SO I gotta to clarify with you whether I gotta be friends with somebody "inside the circle" just to be able to surf with somebody that can sign?

Jon Savage said...

Hi Gnarldorkette,

Yeah.. come on and join us!

See you tomorrow at San Onofre?

Also, few of us tend to surf at Tourmaline almost every weekends.