Friday, August 31, 2007

SDDS: Midnight surf on 8/29/07 (ASL Vlog)


This vlog told a story in American Sign Language then picture slideshow.

Friends meet me at Tourmaline Surf Park and we surfed under full moon at midnight!

All of us went to 24 hours Mexican Food after surfed.



LaRonda said...

Oh wow! Surfing at midnight under a full moon?! How exciting!!! Looks like you had a blast! I loved that you called it a "natural high." Farout!

~ LaRonda

Belle said...

Was the restaurant Alberto's? I went to Alberto's in Fountain Valley all the time - and of course I was one of those drunk partiers ;) (Hey, I was young!)

My favorite beach memory was swimming under a full moon at the Wedge in O.C.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jon, I'm a student of ASL....watched the vlog...were there 69 surfers that night? Thanks, Gina

Jon Savage said...

Hello Gina,

I was saying, "6 of us" that's look like 69! (smiling)

Anonymous said...

Thats funny Jon when I watched it the first time I was trying to figure out what "WOFUS" spelled :)