Sunday, August 19, 2007

The vlogger teaches vlogger to surf!


I would like to introduce a deaf vlogger, who came all way from Fremont and take surf lessons from me. Do you want to know who is the vloggler? Let’s find out on the vlog!


Click on vlogger's website


Elizabeth said...

Hi Jon!

That vlog made me SMILE! At first I thought you were gonna run through a couple of red lights while driving. lol

Im glad to see LaRonda there! Keep it up with more future vlogs!


drmzz said...

Very cool. Busy summer for you! BTW, the video freeze frame pic gave it away, haha. Thanks for sharing. Smiles.

Katherine said...

Hey Jon:

I am jealous you live close to the beach and in a state that is warm all year around! I tried surfing for a short time in Hawaii and it was a challenge. Maybe I need a deaf surfing instructor to better understand how it works!

Now, what's up with the cracked window in front of your car? :)

deafk said...

aw, thanks for sharing this with us. This surely is an inspiring story!!


LaRonda said...

Whoo hoo! LaRonda here! Awesome clip! You did a great job, Jon and it was so much fun to meet you!

I'll have my version up sometime this evening, I hope. Just walked in the door from our 2 week vacation, so unloading and getting settled. Look for my part soon!

Again, great job!


~ LaRonda

Jac said...

Happen to notice your vehicle has a crack on your front window when you drove on the way. What happened? or leave that way it is.

(just wondered)

Jon Savage said...


I was thinking about drive through red light.. hmm.. nahh! (smiling)


Give away a picture from freeze frame is not bad idea! (not irony) maybe perfect for scrapbook that Holly always do on her scrapbook.


(smiling) thanks!

Katherine & Jac,

*gasp* you noticed crack on window! Please Shush! Don't send this vlog to police! (chuckle) It's already been there. I;m not sure if I should replace it because this SUV is 17 years old!


That's right! It's your turn to show to the world! *snap* heh heh

IamMine said...

Wow, that was fricking awesome!!

I'm SO jealous of you, LaRonda!! But, it was GREAT seeing you and your family there!!

I wish I was his student - I'd love to learn how to surf!!! :)

I enjoyed the vlog - thanks for sharing with us!!


michele said...

Hi Jon,

I left a comment in LaRonda's blog, hope you can go over and read and answer my question about surfer's clothing.

You make a great teacher! Never I saw a deaf person teaching surfing lesson, this is wonderful! With your exposure and the spread of news, you may produce a lot of new deaf surfers eventually over the years and then they can enroll in a contest or like DeafOlympics or whatever.

Jon Savage said...


I wear that short and it's called boardshort. It made of Nylon and water won't stay on fabric. If you wear cotton then it will very soak as sponge in a fabric.

Now, what I wear on top. It's called jacket wetsuit with small zipper on back and lower. I tends to wear it in very early morning during summertime. When I get wet then sit on board as keep myself warm against from chill air while wait for catch next wave .also, protective on chest or tummy away from rash. If jacket is too hot to wear then could wear rash guard tee those shirt made of spandex and nylon or polyester.

Some surfers wear spring wetsuit that short sleeves and shorts in one piece. Also, I do have full wetsuit that good for wintertime. Diving Scuba and surfer's wetsuits are complete different designed because surfer's wetsuit have specific location on wetsuit where must be flexible as comfortable to paddling or get up on a surfboard.

Rob Walker said...

Hey.. I just left LaRonda's by clicking on YOUR name and here I am! LOL... great video there! really enjoyed seeing the whole thing but lemme tell ya one thing.. you won't get this guy out there surfing.. it just so happens I am not too fond of sharks. :D

Let me ask you - I got to looking at the group photo and thought I recognized the young lady on the end.. With respect of this public blog/ whatever.. is her initials M.L and did she graduate from Gallaudet in 2002? She was also a snow boarder if i remember right. It would be nice to know as I had lost touch with her. Feel free to e mail me...