Tuesday, August 07, 2007

SDDS News 8/6/07



I decided to surf after work. The waves were small but I had fun anyways. I would like to share a story from last weekend. I met a new friend and her name is Danae. She is currently learning ASL and she also watches all the vlogs. I got a real nice gift from her. A cool shirt with printed that says "SDDS". Let me know if you are interested to have one of those tee shirts. I can contact her to get more.

I offered James Queen an interview about his deaf, professional photographer, and surfer in person. I would like to post his photo works on SDDS blogs on this weekend. He and I agreed to have an interview on this Sat. He would be pleased to show his photography talents to the deaf community. He would also like to work as a photographer in the deaf community. I probably will release the vlog this Sat evening or Sunday morning.

Now, I'm ready to go home!

This Saturday, 8/11/07 I will meet some friends at Swami's or Cardiff's Reef for surfing. I will make an announcement on this Thurs to confirm the basis on surf forecast.



Belle said...

Was that your first "celebrity moment" in the hearing world? ;)

I look forward to the James Queen interview and, hopefully, gorgeous photos! Even though I live half-way across the U.S., I like going to your SDDS blog because I miss SoCal.

Anonymous said...

We will be in San Diego with our family next weekend. Whats the best way to reach you? My deaf kids would love the opportunity to learn surfing.

Jon Savage said...

Hello anonymous,

You can contact me through email. My email address is L3nois@gmail.com