Thursday, August 16, 2007

A Deaf Surf Lesson in San Diego from Burbank



I want to share with you about Sharon Dror and her family who came down to San Diego from Burbank for surf lessons. Sharon contacted me last week after she saw the SDDS vlog that her kids want to learn how to surf. We have been communicating through emails. Sharon has 2 kids, Michael, 14 years old and Rachel, 11 years old. They were learning how to surf while Sharon and her fiance, Ken Rothschild were shooting video and taking pictures.

I'm very pleased that Sharon willing to shoot video for me while I was giving lessons to the kids. I helped the kids by pushing them while they were on the surfboard so they could ride with the waves. I'm impressed with them that they were emulating from my help to their independent.

Now, I will let you to view the rest of the video clip.



Anonymous said...

Wow!!! Was this their first lesson? if so, you are a great teacher, Jon. :)

Carrie Gellibrand

Anonymous said...

Hey there, I am sure you're familiar with the de la o brothers? :)

Anonymous said...

I am sure you are familiar with the De La O.

Jon Savage said...

Hello *ist,

Yeah, I do know them. They are Huntington Beach deaf surfers!

kira said...

very impressive!

Susan said...

I was smiling the whole time I watched :) I love seeing any one (young or old) surf their first wave! I can imagine the thrill :D


jeff said...

Wow - very impressive - we are in the UK and our deaf kids wants to learn to surf, wonder if you or your group may think of a weekend training next Summer? Late July would suit us Europeans as some countries school break up for summer holidays on the third Friday of July.. A side business in the making for you????

Chuck Baird said...

I am touched! You are a special.

I remember I first saw you on the board walk on your bicycle at the between of Pacific Beach and Mission Beach in San Diego in 1992. You were around 15-16 years old, encountered and talked with 2 highly educated Black deaf guys at collage age visiting from Chicago. I joined with you three for chat a little while.

I was impressed, found your style of signing with rich adjectives, lot of classifiers. You looked very naturally, still sitting on your bike explaining the Chicago boys the life on beach.

That...truly marked in my memory from way back, a true beach boy. I always enjoying to know you as friend.

Scott said...

great post.

Scott H

Bruce Gross said...

Very impressive! My name is Bruce Gross and I am the CEO of WRAD, Inc, a primarily recreational and cultural organization of the deaf and hard of hearing. I would like to do a feature story about you and think you would be great to teach more deaf perople how to surf! I can come down to meet you in SD and take pictures of the surfers that are deaf. We can promote your business on our WRAD website- since you are doing a great job! Keep up the good work !!!!

Jon Savage said...

Hello Chuck Baird,

Oh yeah, I remember that! I was hanged out with Steve and Issac then you at Belmont Park Beachfront Amusement in Mission Beach.

I feel lucky that I look THAT young! Oh thanks! I was 19 years old at that time! (grins).

Also, I never forgot your joke "A girl give hands and mouth job"

Thank for cool message on this comment!

Jon Savage said...

Hello Jeff,

Yeah, I will be here whole summer in next year as I know of. I'm thinking about going to Santa Cruz (Northern in California). Let me know anything you need my help more than just surfing lesson.


Jon Savage said...

Hello Mr. Gross,

Thank you for nice commentary! Let's talk via email or VP. I will contact you soon.


Anonymous said...

As the Great Aunt of Michael and Rachel, just want to thank you for the great time they had learning to surf. Had lunch with them when they returned from San Diego and they were still thrilled!

Anonymous said...

hi, i live in kansas city and no nothing about surfing...this v/blog cool...gina