Saturday, August 11, 2007

ASL Story: Tourmaline 8/11/07



I want to share a story with you about Tourmaline Surf Park. We called “TL” and this place is special. I enjoy going there because people are friendly and easy going.

Jess, John, and Davy met me there. We discussed if we should surf with small waves. Jess, John, and I agreed to paddle out and catch some waves, while Davy swam underwater with his camera. We all were pleased to be in the warm water. We were chatting while sitting on our surfboards at the same time watching out for swells to come. In between waves, we had to put off our conversations, that way we can focus to catch some waves. After riding the waves, we paddled out then sat on our boards. We continued our conversation.

John, Davy, and I were pleased to listen to Jess’s message from what she heard from other surfers talked. She said, one surfer asked other surfers. What’s different between flat water and parking a lot? The other surfer said, I don’t know. The surfer said,” Just get wet” (chuckle) Also, She shared with us that she noticed that people are friendly and mellow at TL.

We have been surfing there for two hours then we chatted more at the parking lot. Jess, John, Davy and I had a good time until they decided to leave. I grabbed my camcorder to shoot of the waves before I leave. Now you can enjoy the view of the clip.




Judge said...

John is someone I know? He went to NTID 30 years ago? (SVP 1977)

I know John from SD area who LOOOVVVEESSS surfin'.

Jon Savage said...

Hi Judge,
His last name is Crouch. I might have picture from Davy, who took picture on us on that day.