Friday, July 13, 2007

July 14 or 15, San Onofre

Hello Surfer and beach fellow,

I decided not to going to San Onofre this weekend! I'm been sick for all week and I'm still not have recovering yet. So, it's wise for me taking more of rest through this weekend.

If you are planned to go there then have good time. If you are plan to do video or pictures then I would love to see them.

See you at the water or sand next time!



LaRonda said...

Healing blessings. Get Well soon.

~ LaRonda

Jon Savage said...

Hi LaRonda,

Oh thanks! I need that! My kids and wife comforts me very well. I'm soo lucky to have them in my life! whew!

I'm looking forward to rid viral meningitis! I been request to lay down otherwise, I will have bad headache and sweating.

Jess Y. said...

I was secretly hoping you would feel better so the trip would be back on...but then I got slammed with a sore throat! The Surf Fairy must really not want us in the water this weekend! ;-)Feel Better!

Bug said...

Eat more fish soup so you'll get well soon! Nice Deaf Surf website you have. Keep vlogging so I will surf back. :)