Friday, June 29, 2007

ASL Story: SanO on 6/24/07

I want to share my experience about last Sunday, June 24, 2007. John and I went to San Onofre State Beach and we were surfing there for 5 hours on fun day. Couple of hearing people are so cool to us even they were communicating with us by gesture! They treat us as we aren’t strange!

Schedule to join us at SanO with tentative dates:

July 14 or 15, and 28 or 29

Aug 11 or 12, and 25 or 26

See you at the water or sand!



LaRonda said...

It's always wonderful to find a community of people who welcome, communicate and accept you as a person instead of a disability. I'm glad you shared your experience with other in San Onofre.

Surf safe!

~ LaRonda

gnarlydorkette said...

The weekend of 14 will be good! and I will make sure that the alarm will go off (and no pushing "snooze"!)

C and I leave for good on 25th.