Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Learn how to surf with ASL



I would like to share with you about two different kinds of surfboards. This is a blue board is for learning to surf because it makes out of softly foam. It will have less risk for the beginners and less injuries. Now, you see the other white surfboard for who have good surfing skills and who can handle bigger risks.

I would be happy to give you a surf lesson by using American Sign Language. I will be at La Jolla Shores this Sat, July 28th, 2007. Any of you who are interested to learn how to surf, you go rent a surfboard then you can meet me there.

You can click this links for a direction: La Jolla Shores.

I hope you have a good week and hope to see you this Sat!

See you at the water or sand!

I forgot to add one more thing in this vlog! I will be there 6ish AM and stay there all morning and maybe stay until afternoon.

P.S. I will surf to support to group, who believes in a deaf baby must to learns American Sign Language at Alexander Graham Bell Association convention in Arlington, VA this weekend!


Bug said...

That's about all I can say on the surfing bit, but I do envy you will be surfing soon. It's a wavy, beautiful beach. VERY pleasant people. Wish I didn't move away from California. I will keep it in my mind for the future whenever I am there....I will be sure to contact you and see if you're still surfing no matter what your age will be, don't die on me when I never get a chance. :) I am sure others will enjoy having you as their instructor, its rare to see signing instructors in surfing class. Enjoy your surfing day, you lucky!

Jon Savage said...


The specific local where I alway surf there and the local called Tourmaline surf park. One guy (hearing) was teacher for deaf-blind but he retired for long time ago and He still surfing since early 1950! He always tease me about being little bit late to show up after he aware that I do have kids. He inspire me as much I want to surfing until year 2050!

There are dozen of men are post-60 years old and still surfing! Plus I do know two deaf surfers are mid-50 and still surfing but both of them lives in Orange County.

I surfing for 12 years as loyalty. 20 years ago, I already have learn surf but preferred body board until switched to surf. I'm only willing to go back to body board to be with my daughter.

Anonymous said...

I Will see you there bright and early! You got me hooked on those early morning waves. I May bring a friend or two as well!

Karen Mayes said...

Shoot, I could have met you there this past weekend, since I did go to La Jolla beach twice with my family. I spend a week in San Diego, for my father's wedding there and the wedding was held in the upstairs at La Jolla Hotel and went to Crabcatcher the next day for the brunch and went to the tidepool near the cave which was OK... mostly a place for pigeons :o) Went to Coronado Beach as well... lovely! My kids spent a lot of time on boogie board and my daughter became an expert to catch and ride the waves. My brother is a surfer and did bring two boards... one foamy for beginners like you said and another, hard for experts. I really did not have a chance to learn surf since I spent a lot of time watching my kids at the beach.

We plan on going back to SD next summer :o)

Barinthus said...

Hey will see you there. Which tower should we meet at? 32?

And what time?

Seek Geo said...

Hey Jon!

COOL! Only if I'm in the area, I would be there in a heartbeat! Believe it or not, I grew up in FL but never had anyone who was interested enough to teach me how to surf.

So, really I never had a chance to surf in my life. Thanks so much for the invitation to teach me how whenever we can go down there.

I will definitely keep that in mind as soon as we settle down. Look forward to chat with ya more soon!

Thanks for the tips, I finally understood the difference between two boards.


Jon Savage said...

Hello barinthus,

I will be there 6ish AM and stay there all morning and maybe stay until afternoon. If lifeguard's stand is #32 and middle of parking a lot to access beach. Then it's right place.

Anonymous said...

Jon -

A good way to keep deaf kids away from AVT and all breathing saliva coming out of the wacky psycho ward. You can go and surf with all pleasure of ASL and fun like normal surfers do. Get some tan, mommies. It is like a happy butterfly hopping anywhere it would like to explore and learn. Surfing is an ideal place for all CI users, so they can learn ASL and enjoy waves. Sharks will clean them up and insurance may cover any losses.

Hearing ASL Parent

LaRonda said...

Jon, what a fun idea and great tip with the soft board for beginners! My husband, son and I are headed to San Diego (Encinitas) for 2 weeks in Aug. for our family vacation. Any chance you'll be offering your assistance again then? I would love to meet you in person and have you teach us how to ride a baby wave! We've never surfed before!

E-mail or VP me!!!

~ LaRonda

Barinthus said...

Thanks, Jon!

I told my friends about this - see you there! I will need to rent a board first although :)

Jon Savage said...


Sure! Only 25 minutes drive from my home to Encinitas area. I live in central of San Diego while Encinitas is north county of San Diego. Some day, we should go to San Onofre State beach that 30 minutes north from Encinitas. Let me know what you would like to see in San Diego such as museum, Historic beachfront amusement, or old town (western era)

Anonymous said...


I got it. Thank you for your tips.