Friday, June 08, 2007

The Wall Street Journal recognized SDDS!!

I was interviewed with Shefali Anand, who is a writer for the Wall Street Journal. She wrote an article called”Sign of the Times: Video, Email Are Boons to the Deaf”. We chatted through the Video Relay Service and me spoken in primary language which is American Sign Language. Then, Shefali sent me an email to ask me to check her draft on the article. I do appreciate with this person, who had been a pleasure to work with and was interested in SDDS!

Today, I read this article and I’m very pleased to see other vloggers in this article. Kudos to Jon Thompson, Chelsea Lydell, Robert Davila, Bobbie Beth Scoggins, Ms. Lydell, Tayler Mayer, Jared Evans, Gary Brooks, and Austin Andrews! I’m looking forward to see more new ASL vloggers to be recognized from a newspaper soon!

Now, I will make an announcement to have anyone who can join and hang out with us this summer. We plan on going to the San Onofre State Beach and other beaches since all of us had so much fun last year.

See you at water or sand!

Jon Savage


LaRonda said...

Congrats Jon! This is a BIG DEAL!!! As I said in my comment on Jared's site, "any press is good press in my book!"

Lucky you!

~ LaRonda

BEG said...

Shefali Anand is a woman. Sounds like the article came out quite nicely.

Dennis Bacon said...

WONDERFUL EXPOSURE FOR ASL!! Congrat to all of you being interviewed. I enjoyed to read.

Barinthus said...


And hope you will welcome a noob to your surfing trips! If so I'm there although I may need help renting a board :)

Deaf258 said...

Congrats you guys!! I finish bought this weekend's WSJ issue!

Everyone should go out and get their copy because it is part of Deaf HISTORY!