Monday, April 23, 2007

1st Annual California Coastal Views Film Festival: 3 videos got in!

Hello Vlog watcher,

I was shocking when I got this message by California Coastal Views Film Festival. I was so thrilling that they've selected three videos!

Here, their comment:

Congratulations! Your videos, Deaf Surf Lesson at La Jolla Shores, 3 Deaf surfers at Marine Corps Base (ASL VLOG), and Deaf and surf culture (ASL VLOG), has been selected for the First Annual California Coastal Views Film Festival, hosted by Coastwalk ( ).

Films are being collected from those tagged with key words indicating they contain scenes of the California coast. Until May 1st, they will screened and separated into logical categories (coastrides, places and wildlife, trips, waves and surfers, etc.). From May 6th until May 20th, members of the board of directors of Coastwalk are being asked to narrow the selection to the top ten in each of the categories. Coastwalk's reputation for hosting walks in California counties over the past 24 years makes it especially qualified to make these choices. The final judging will be done by the members of the 2003 California Coastal Expedition, those who walked the entire coast of California during that spring and summer. Winning films will then be viewed by this year's coastwalkers prior to their scheduled walks on California's coastal counties.

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