Saturday, April 21, 2007

Santa Cruz - June 2005 (ASL VLOG)


I want to share with you that Erin Oleson and I were tripping to Santa Cruz by last minutes in June, 2005. I grab my video camera for footage. My friend, Joseph Josselyn help me with edit and DVD. Until recently, I pulled out some clips from the DVD then do re-edited for this vlog. Plus, I narrated of my experience in this vlog.

Enjoy this vlog!



drmzz said...

Cool, I know that beach. Wow, too many surfers! Hope many heads will be ok. It's nice you have DVDrw hardware and I always wanting to get this technology so I can transfer some old VHS to DVD. Someday. Friend and I had used to film a lot of ASL Diver's Club in No Ca (scuba and abalone diving) in later 90's. We're no longer with the club, but have a lot of material on VHS.

Jac said...


I can see how you were worn out by surfing since my two older children were taking a surfing lesson back at Oahu - Hawaii when we were on a vacation. I watched how a surf professional guy taught them to do surf in a half hour, then my son did surf successfully on his own, and another guy went out with my daugther (she was a bit younger then) to do surf with a help, after then she did it successfully -- they came to me, they said it was easy to learn quickly, but it already worn them out! Interesting.

For myself -- I was not surfing yet since I was too chicken out! LOL.

Thanks for a great video!