Monday, September 10, 2007

California Coastal Views Film Festival

Thanks to for the award on this video clip! Many deaf surfers that are in videos are gaining a lot of visibility now. People are starting to notice them. Kudos to all deaf surfers!


Best of Class (Surfing Movies) Award Winner


Well, the waiting is over. Congratulations!! Your video, "Deaf Surf Lesson at La Jolla Shores" has received the Best of Class (Surfing Movies) Award.

You'll see the Festival Awards are currently posted on the blogsite ( The announcement will remain on the blogsite for the next year.

Over the next year, as our organization conducts "Signing Ceremonies" to place hundreds of the newly-unveiled signpost signs on the California Coastal Trail, we will also be directing attendees to the website and the video award winners (see Your video may also receive increased viewings during the year, as the news of our award begins to circulate.

Again, congratulations on being selected. You may want to review the films which won their categories and divisions. All producers are invited to enter the competition next year. Films produced which feature views of the California coast after March 31, 2007 are eligible.

Gregory Fearon
Festival Director


Candace A. McCullough said...

Well deserved! Congratulations! We hope to learn to surf one day and we know where to go to...YOU. ;)


gnarlydorkette said...

CONGRATS!!! This is such a blast to get this award, I am sure!!!

drmzz said...

Congrats. Interesting coastal site with plenty videos.

Lipstick said...

Congratulations, Jon! Great work! Aren't you glad you live in San Diego?

Anonymous said...

hi i am deaf ,I come to Canada, i would like partiquer surfing with you,you have msn ? send-me the message sorry i speak french

BabyBakers13 said...


Would love to come out sometime. When is the next meet up you all will have?

BabyBakers13 said...


Would love to some out sometime. When is the next meet up? Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.

Jon Savage said...

Hello Babybakers13,

Some of us tend to surfing at Tourmaline surf park very early morning on weekends.